Pure “Classical” violin music has always been my first love.  It is what I’ve studied, what I listen to, and what I’m always working on. For me, performing Bach, Mendelssohn, Kreisler, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Weiniawski, Saint-Saens, and all the countless, wonderful composers, is my first priority. I try to always be challenging my skills by working and practicing more advanced pieces.  I perform several recitals a year to share my classical solo music and provide a fun, variety of listening pleasure. String Quartets and Piano Trios: violin, cello and piano, are also performance outlets for me.

To add interest and more enjoyment to special, larger concerts, I include beautiful, funny, and heartfelt Slide Shows.  This extra media brings an element of entertainment and helps bring classical music to all that would not typically seek a concert of this genre of music.

From the vast repertoire of classical music, I select pieces to perform as Special Music at the various churches in Door County. I play Wedding Music in string groups and as a soloist with guitar, piano, and organ.

Growing up in the 60’s & 70’s, I have gravitated to classic Rock N Roll and its percussion flavor.  Arranging the chord progressions from classical pieces, adding guitar, electric violin, and aggressive drums, turn them into something you could tap your toes to. This is my all time favorite rebellious creative art form.  It is the style for my first CD, “Textured Violin”. I have many more pieces arranged and already recorded for future CD releases.

The Gypsy Style of violin/fiddle playing of many Eastern European and Russian music is the hallmark of my new CD,“World on a String” a collection of international folk dance tunes.  This expresses how the violin is played around the world, and including America styles.

Irish Fiddle Music, with all its jigs, hornpipes, and reels, are the staple for the Irish dancers.  I play a full range of everything Irish, with a couple groups in Door County.