CD Releases

CD Releases
She has released 3 CDs, “Textured Violin,” “World on a String” and “Textured Violin Classix #2” and is working on her “Desert Song Cycle” for release this coming summer of 2018. Each of the pieces is devoted to portraying various aspects of the desert wilderness, as in her last multimedia performance for the Anza Borrego Foundation, now she is adding a few songs for the wilderness of Door County, WI. Also in the works is “A Serenata” a CD of Violin and Harp, with Tamara Naze Kazmierczak on harp, of exquisite romantic and light classical music

Textured Violin
Beautiful and unique classical violin pieces arranged, orchestrated and performed in a lively pop/rock style

Textured Violin Classix #2
Wonderfully spiced up, original compositions and re-arrangements from classical favorites, featuring beautiful violin and assorted instruments usually with catchy percussion that adds drive and charisma. Great for easy, fun listening.

World on a String
Unique arrangements of soulful and lively ethnic folk tunes performed on strings and world percussion.